Human Life is a documentary film that illustrates the true beauty and significance of the gift of Life, even in the midst of suffering and hardship.

Explore the stories of a tetraplegic painter, the founder of a home for abandoned and disabled children, a surfer who lost his hands in an accident, a former Olympic medalist who now works as a counselor in a crisis pregnancy center, the mother of a child with Down syndrome, a holocaust survivor, and many others. Beautifully shot on location in Italy, Brazil, Germany and the U.S., and with a soundtrack composed and performed by director Gustavo Brinholi and photography by director Luiz Henrique Marques, this film promises to be a powerful witness to Life in all its stages and challenges.

Human Life is confirmed to be released in Spain in November 2020. You can donate right now so that we can be in many more Theatres around the world.


Ana Paula Henkel (BRA/USA) - Former professional volleyball player, she participated in 4 Olympics in Brazil and tells the story of how she got pregnant on the eve of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, causing a breach of contract. Even though she was presented to the option of having an abortion to continue to compete, she decided to thave the baby. She writes about sports and politics and is followed by thousand of people in her social network;

Anna Bajer (USA) -  Born in the Ex-Yugoslavia, survivor of a death camp in the former Yugoslavia, she has lived in Los Angeles for 60 years. During World War II, her parents were forced to work for totalitarian regimes (her father in the SS Nazi Army and her mother in a mine in the Soviet Union) and Anna was taken to a death camp in Ex-Yugoslavia, where she managed to survive. Reunited with her family years later, she migrated to the United States in 1955, where he still lives in Los Angeles;

Jonas Letieri (BRA/USA) - Brazilian Pro-Paddle Board Surfer, he lives in LA and competes all over the world, even after losing his two arms in an accident;

Leandro Portella (BRA) - Leandro works as an activist and painter, even after an injury that let him tetraplegic 21 years ago;

Tonio and Comunidade Jesus Menino (BRA) - Tônio founded the Comunidade Menino Menino in Petrópolis-RJ. The community has 42 special children in its care, many of whom are failed abortions survivors;

Lena Tschamben (ITA) -  Down syndrome child, she lives in Barbian, Italy. She shares the joy of life wherever she passes. Her mother Daniela Tschambem talks about the Association she created to help families with Down syndrome children;

Olavo De Carvalho (BRA/USA) - One of the most influential philosophers in Brazil. In the film, he presents unquestionable arguments against abortion;

Ivy Amista (BRA/GER) - “Prima-ballerina” at the Bayerische Staatsoper Opera in Munich. Pregnant of her first baby, she dances a beautiful ballet to celebrate life;

John Sharpe and Family (USA) - A large musical family with 7 children. John Sharpe and his daughters, all raised through Homeschooling, are filmed during a rehearsal at their home in rural Washington D.C.;

Paola Bonzi (ITA) - Founder of the Mangiagalli Life Aid Center in Milan. Since 1984, year of its founding, the Mangiagalli Life Aid Center has saved the lives of more than 22,000 babies. She passed away in 2019.;

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi (ITA) - Economist, former president of the Vatican Bank. He explains how the family nucleus and population growth is of fundamental importance to the economic development;

Roberto Brazzale (ITA) - Italian businessman, President of the Brazzale group. He created the Baby Bonus, which contributes to an extra salary for every employee who has children. It is an initiative created within the company itself, absolutely independent of state or union benefits.